Hi All! 

Below are snapshots of my booth at the Melrose Trading Post two weeks ago. I had a little panic attack when my tent's arrival was delayed. I couldn't finish my set up until it arrived exactly at 9AM when the event opened. Overall, I made it work and the visuals turned out to be as what I had imagined.

Lesson learned: Pack Smart. Since this was my first market, I didn't know what to expect so I over-packed. Loading, hauling and packing up the table, chairs, racks, clothes, hangers etc and the pallet by myself was so physically exhausting.

Not only that, after MTP, I packed and went straight to the Coachella Pre-Party Pop Up event right after! Would I ever do back to back market events in one day? Definitely! I just need to make sure I sleep the night before. 😆

I'm in lace heaven!  

I'm in lace heaven!  

Handmade suede necklaces which were made literally the night before!  

Handmade suede necklaces which were made literally the night before!  

My wooden pallet vision came to life!  

My wooden pallet vision came to life!  


Lace on top of lace! (I even had a portable dressing room!) 


Isn't this soo romantic? Chevron burnout. 


Can I say, "hello bodysuits!"  



The Coachella Pre-Party Event at Boot Leg Bar by ShopUsed/ShopLocal was so much fun! Loading and Set up was at 7PM, the event started at 8PM until Midnight. I was dying by the time the event started so I had no photos. I eventually pulled through towards the end!

Overall, participating in both events was an eye opener. I was interested in how the different crowds approached and reacted  to my ready-to-wear capsule collection. I'm used to presenting my Special Occasion & Eveningwear pieces in fashion shows, with a different setting and audience. Vending in places and events on a mass market where I, as a designer get to interact and chat with people was actually fun. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @taleforesther and Behind the scene @Kris.Amarillo  

Until then!  -xxka