Dream - Create - Inspire

It's midnight and I'm laying in bed unable to sleep after a 17hr workday. There are so many exciting things going on, I haven't even fully grasped the whole situation yet! 

I am juggling my full time as a Technical Designer; a part time as a Patternmaker; freelance as a pattern maker/designer and everything else for my brand, Tale for Esther, around the clock! On top of that I am developing a capsule collection called TFE-Basics (launching soon!!) 

< Breathe >

I don't know how I handle everything, I just do. It's because I aim for an enriching and fulfilling life and In doing so, I strive to be the greatest version of myself everyday. (Even on the days I don't feel like it...) 

I am a firm believer that hard work pays off and that the difference between good to great is the extra hour or mile you put into mastering your craft. It may sound cliche, but getting to do what you love is the most fulfilling thing you'll ever feel. The late nights and struggles are so worth it my friend and It's never too late to start. Find that one thing that makes you feel alive. 

Stay hungry, stay focused, stay on the grind and live life beautifully. 


Instagram: @taleforesther & @kris.amarillo