During my pop up event in Long Beach a couple weeks ago, an aspiring fashion design student came up to me admiring my pieces. It's humbling when people appreciate my work because my designs reflect my craft as an artist. I told her that the pieces she sees are a product of not only hard work and dedication, but of passion.

Passion is the root of everything. Passion pushes through when mind and body wants to give up. Passion fires you up when the light in your heart dims.

Even before plunging into the creative industry, I already knew that it would take more than blood, sweat, tears, long days and even longer nights to pursue fashion design. With two jobs, I can only work on establishing Tale for Esther as a brand   between 10PM-3AM; will sometimes push it to 5AM and squeeze 2hrs of sleep. The dream is to be able to focus my whole time on TFE, until I get to that point I'm working on making that dream worth it and the ride as self-fullfilling as possible.