Tale for Esther



Tale for Esther reflects on timeless sophistication with a romantic flare, focusing on embellishments, meticulous details and fit. I want to create pieces that are not trend driven, rather pieces that are versatile so women can wear them over and over. 

I am inspired by anything and everything. It's all about perception; seeing and absorbing beauty. I find women truly beautiful when they embrace their own uniqueness and self worth; women who fiercely love and live in equal measure.

Designing is a constant search of new vision. My signature pieces are peplum skirts, black dresses and coats highlighting my crafty aesthetics in handmade pleats, details, construction and cuts. 

From here on, Tale for Esther will be showcasing the latest details on our fashion blog and everything from design development, inspirational styles, behind the scenes and more! Stay tuned !