Designer Of The Month

I was featured as Designer of the Month (November) by Art is My Drug.
See the interview by Alisa Serrano below!

1. What made you first ever decide to become a fashion designer?

I've always been curious on how clothes were constructed. Growing up was school, teen vogue and homework. It wasn't until High School that I realized Fashion Design can be a career. My art teacher took me to see my first fashion show in San Francisco. Seeing the student designers present their designs fired me up and I dreamed.

2. I know personally that you are an extremely hard worker with a drive and passion that's out of this world. What or who fuels that?

Passion fires you up when your light dims. I surround myself with positivity and I think with a successful mindset. I'm driven with the pursuit to succeed.

3. Describe the feeling you get when you see your pieces coming down the runway.

During shows, I'm mostly backstage so I don't see it live. There was one show I did in San Francisco that I was able to see my pieces in an audience stand point. It was incredible! It felt good, seeing all the hard work presented and all the models who walked for me killed the looks. I'm still in awed. 

4. You tend to have a knack for lace and satin when creating your pieces. What about those two fabrics peaks your interest so much?

Lace is very versatile it can transition from one season to the next. I like working with lace because exudes timeless sophistication, elegance and romance which are the three focus of the brand. Satin, silk, charmeuse and chiffon are complimentary fabrics that I work with for flowly, airy, dresses mostly in Spring/Summer and wool, gabardine, herringbone are the fabrics I’m drawn to when I’m developing Fall/Winter.

5. How old were you when you first started making clothes?
At 19, I took a leap of faith and went to fashion school without knowing how to sew or make patterns.

6. You never sleep! How do you get by? 

Passion and extra amount of caffeine. When you're soul is on fire, passion will propel you forward. 

7. How did you come up with the name Tale For Esther for your brand?

Tale for Esther has a deeper personal meaning for me as a designer. We all have a story and my life, this pursuit of dreams is my tale for my late mother Esther. I wanted to live a beautiful life, living my dreams one day at a time, full of passion and creativity. I wanted to bring inspiration to others through the skills I've been blessed with. 

8. What is your favorite piece you've designed this far?

I'm proud of all my pieces as I patterned all but my favorite is the crop top with different layers of lace. I played around with surface design by mixing a myriad of laces together, hand sewn on top of each other to create texture. 

9. What is your ultimate goal?

My personal goal is self fulfillment. In the end I wanted to say that I have lived. For my brand, the ultimate goal is to keep creating new ideas/product that will appeal to the market. 

10. Art is your drug and design is definitely your passion, so how addicted are you?

I live and breathe it. 

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Photo by: Angelito Vandam  

Photo by: Angelito Vandam  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design  

Photo by: Ildiko Takata/ Takata Photo & Design