Tale for Esther exemplifies femininity and romance.

Kristine Amarillo: Fashion Designer // Pattern Maker

Kristine Amarillo, a Los Angeles based fashion designer began her career as a professional pattern maker. Formal training allowed her to propel her career through merging her natural creativity, design aesthetic and technical expertise. Known as a zealous go-getter, she has gained a high level of respect for her craftsmanship, ability to translate her point of view as a designer and close attention to detail. On her road to success, Kristine hopes to empower the everyday women to embrace her femininity while redesigning the ideal structure of today’s women’s wear.

Tale for Esther is a brand that exemplifies femininity and romance while adding the essence of a modern woman. Established in 2014, the collection spans from Special Occasion gowns and elegant evening attire, to bold luxurious Ready-to-Wear separates. The Tale for Esther brand is dedicated to creating a story which embodies handcrafted details, flawless fit and deep, rich, invigorating colors to make every woman look and feel stunning.

Our mission is to provide handcrafted clothing made in the USA. We believe in ethics, quality, waste reduction and supporting local artisans in making sustainable and wearable products.

Our vision is to empower women to embrace their femininity and confidence; to be beautiful and confident in their own skin.